Gamez is London's Short Form Improv Collective

What Is Gamez?

GAMEZ is one of Hoopla Impro's house teams. We play fast and hard, short and snappy short form improv comedy games. Some are old favourites that we have rejuvenated, and some are completely new of our own designs.

High energy scenes, audience participation (consenting of course), and a sense of camaraderie and family amongst our group make sure that you're having just as much fun watching us, as we do performing.

Come to a show!

We play at Hoopla Impro every Thursday and Saturday, and also have regular touring dates around the UK and also internationally at festivals!

We'll post about any out of town gigs on our social media, and you can find details about our regular shows on the Hoopla website.


Send us a message!

We'd really like to hear from you! Drop us a line with the form below!

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